Novikov Asian, Mayfair

Novikov, named after Russian restaurant guru Arkady Novikov, has become one of London’s most fashionable restaurants. The 540-seater establishment, including two restaurants and a lounge bar, is in a prime position in Mayfair. We Fly Together just had to see this for ourselves!

Walking through the revolving glass doors, you’re immediately confronted by a group of people lounging around the come-to reception area, a riot of sharp suits, tight dresses and champagne flutes. The Asian restaurant is on the left, the lounge bar downstairs, and the Italian restaurant straight ahead.

We were invited to the Asian restaurant; an amazing space, dark and soothing with a huge glass-walled kitchen and its very own ‘market bar’ displaying the days ‘catch on ice’. The massive open kitchen reveals dozens of chefs working furiously to fulfil orders, which is understandable when you see the menu: an oversized sheet detailing sushi, dim sum, wok dishes, barbecued dishes, vegetable dishes, salads, rice and noodles.

With so much to choose from we required help from our hugely impressive and efficient waitress. We tried a selection across the board and found the food exciting and mouth-wateringly tasty. We were tempted to order the most expensive steak ever seen on a menu – a Large ‘Wagyu’ Steak – but instead went with the famous Black Cod, a small portion of Wagyu Steak, Singapore noodles, expertly cooked King scallops, and small Black Cod wrapped parcels. Thinking to ourselves this will be more than enough, we were encouraged to try more! So along came Yellow Tail, Tuna California roll and Pak Choi. This food is not only impressively tasty, but comes out looking like a piece of art!

The dessert was also just as good (we decided to share the chocolate cake with blood orange sorbet). Our waitress advised that jasmine tea would help us digest our food, and allow us to finally move from our table. Although the prices start high, then go higher there is such a wide selection to choose from and you really are served by top class staff, with top class food.

R & S x

50a Berkeley Street, London W1, 020-7399 4330. Open all week, Asian restaurant 7.30am-11.30pm (Italian restaurant 11.30am-11.30pm).


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