The Hoxton, Shoreditch

Channeling the same vibe as The Ace Hotel, The Hoxton hotels chain is rapidly gaining a reputation for being a well-planned and disarmingly hipster place to stay in either London or Amsterdam. With two properties in London, we was excited to stay at their Shoreditch hotel on our recent visit. It was a great base for a few days of exploring East London, and easily our favorite hotel stay in a long time.

In London, location plays a huge role in the type of atmosphere and personality each business has. Having lived within an hour’s distance of Shoreditch, we know that it’s one of the coolest places to be – The Hoxton has to be equally cool to live up to its surroundings. Shoreditch is a perfect microcosm of why London has become one of the most desirable places to live.

Whether you want delicious food (restaurant or street food), live music, nightlife, great cocktails, or to discover the alleys and side-streets that are still a bit of rough East London, it’s within walking distance of The Hoxton. Personally, we went out for some Vegan food at the local ‘Boxpark’. This took less than 10 minutes of walking total, from the time we left The Hoxton.

You don’t have to stay at The Hoxton to visit The Hoxton Grill – the lobby has many cool spaces to hang out. From the moment we walked in, we noticed freelance or remote workers camped out on couches and leather armchairs with Macs on their laps. The restaurant and bar channelled a mid-century vibe without feeling kitschy, and the outdoor courtyard was packed with people enjoying end their ‘Instagram style’ coffee each time we passed it.

We’d highly recommend grabbing a meal in The Hoxton Grill or a cocktail from the bar if you just want a nice place to stop while exploring the city; the use of space in the lobby is efficient without feeling sterile, and there are plenty of places to grab a seat for a few minutes before heading back out to see more wonders of London.

The rooms at The Hoxton are way cooler than we are. They might even be cooler than you are – we don’t know. Our room was a palette of black, white, and grey, with a little camel-colored leather thrown in – exactly the colours we wear almost every day. This gave the room a cool, relaxing vibe without being dull.

We actually spent several hours working from our room before heading out to explore Shoreditch, the desk, chair, and bed provided a nice variety of places to relax and get focused. The room amenities were really cool too: a kettle, cups and wine glasses, breakfast provided in the morning, and luxe bath products (which we definitely took with us!).

As for sleeping, our room provided the perfect combination of an indulgently comfortable bed, plenty of light-blocking from the shades, and cool room temperature with the in-room AC. It was one of our best nights of sleep from our entire review history… and wow – we want that RED neon light, it’s unreal!

Honestly, we had a wonderful stay at The Hoxton and there are no major issues we can think of that would have dramatically improved our stay.

Both in the building, and in Shoreditch, there is a lot of construction. Our room looked out over an active rooftop construction site. We love having the windows thrown wide to tempt in light (and we had a great view toward the City), but the grizzled British men working a few meters away were a little off-putting.

We personally could have improved our stay by staying longer – in fact, we don’t think we would leave if given the choice.

R & S x

The Hoxton Hotel, 81 Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch, London, EC2A 3HU.

0207 550 1000 | The Hoxton Hotel – Shoreditch

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